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ZULU Associates is active as initiator, developer and operator of innovations in the marine component of logistic chains. Its goal is to enable zero emission operation of commercial vessels on inland waterways, short sea and coastal routes through autonomous operation and alternative propulsion.

ZULU Associates was established to regroup and exploit innovations in logistic chains with a marine content. The marine industry, whether seagoing or inland, is fiercely traditional and faces huge challenges and opportunities regarding emissions, alternative propulsion, digital revolution, autonomous operation and its role in logistic chains.

ZULU Associates believes that these opportunities will result in disruptive innovations which will change radically the way a number of marine services will operate and this in a relative short period. By actively pursuing these innovations and creating the elements for their success, ZULU Associates is convinced important long-term value can be created for its stakeholders.

Press release 11/12/2023

Belgian vessel innovator Zulu Associates releases latest designs for first zero emission short sea vessel featuring wind blades

ZULU Associates operates through its subsidiaries:

Anglo Belgian Shipping Company Ltd

For Anglo Belgian Shipping Company, Zulu Associates develops a new cross channel vessel within a radically different logistic chain concept, the ZULU MASS. This vessel is designed to operate uncrewed and will evolve into zero emission propulsion. Anglo Belgian Shipping Company is therefore also exploring alternative propulsion and auxiliary power systems such as wind and foils.

Zulu Associates (USA)

For ZULU Associates (USA) LLC, the American subsidiary of ZULU Associates, ZULU Associates develops the concept of the ZULU barges to operate in the Unites States. As in Europe, the large conurbations face huge issues of emissions and congestion due to the extensive use of trucks and vans in present city logistics. On the other hand, these urban environments often have access to waterways, which no longer are used for the logistics within the city. ZA (USA) addresses this by developing local versions of the Pallet Shuttle Barges or ZULU’s, adapted to local economic and nautical environments. Through Hudson River Logistics, Zulu Associates together with local partners develops a first concept for the New York area, expected to be rolled out in 2021/2022.

Continental Inland Navigation Company

For the Continental Inland Shipping Company, ZULU Associates develops the X-Barge, an autonomous low to zero emission dry bulk/container inland barge in order to respond to the demand for new inland vessels to replace the existing fleet of traditional barges, whose average age is in excess of 50 years and is unable to respond to the United Nation SDG’s as well as the shortage of experienced crew.

Blue Line Logistics

ZULU Associates through its subsidiary Blue Line Logistics developed and realised the concept of the Pallet Shuttle Barge (aka ZULU barge), a barge specifically conceived for the transport of goods on pallets, in bigbags and roll containers. With its one crew operation and autodischarging capability, these barges are ideally suited for this freight on inland waterways and urban logistics.

Following an agreement reached in March 2021, Blue Line Logistics has become a full subsidiary of the Sogestran Group and is the exclusive operator of these barges in Europe.

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